Acute Leukemia Symptoms And What To Look For

Acute Leukemia Symptoms And What To Look For

acute leukemia symptoms and what to look for

Acute Leukemia Symptoms And What To Look For

Acute leukemia is a form of cancer that affects the white blood cells. It can present in many forms such as Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), which is very common in children, especially 2-5 years of age; Acute Myelogenic Leukemia (AML), and Acute Non-Lymphatic Leukemia (ANLL). This article shares a brief overview of the symptoms to look for as well as the causes, diagnosis and treatment options associated with this disease.

Acute Leukemia Symptoms And What To Look For

Acute Leukemia

Symptoms – A man, woman or child with this condition may experience a constant tired feeling that can be accompanied with a low fever, anemia, pale skin, general ill feeling, easily bruised skin, and/or frequent nose bleeds or bleeding gums. Other possible symptoms include abdominal pain with an enlarged spleen, and infections with sores in the mouth.

Causes – The cause of this form of cancer is unknown, but risk of contracting the disease increases with a family history, Down Syndrome, or other congenital disorders, identical twins, or exposure to toxic chemicals.

Diagnosis – The first indication of a problem is typically an observation of the aforementioned symptoms. A physical exam with studies of the blood, bone marrow, or cerebral spinal fluid should follow to confirm the diagnosis. In some cases certain x-rays or CT scans may also be used to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment – Proper treatment of acute leukemia may include blood or platelet transfusions, anticancer medication and radiation treatments. A bone marrow transplant may be necessary in some cases. A physician may also prescribe cortisone drugs and pain relievers (except aspirin) to help a patient deal with symptoms.

Acute leukemia is cancer of the white blood cells that can affect children and adults depending on the type of cancer. If treatment is successful and a patient goes into remission, there will be an ongoing need for check-ups to be certain it does not return.

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acute leukemia symptoms and what to look for 2

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