Anthropologie Curtains

5. These fabulous curtains are a knock-off of Anthropologie’s Tender Falls Shower Curtain. This project is fairly labor intensive, but the results are worth it. If you have the time and patience, these flutter curtains would definitely amp up the style in any room. Flutter Curtains Tutorialanthropologie curtains 1Kirstin from Kojo Designs had loved the Tender Falls Shower Curtain at Anthropologie for months, so when her living room needed new curtains, she decided to make a drapery version. Kirstin says, “Even though the flutters are not low maintenance, the project is totally worth the work!” These curtains are simply too gorgeous! The “flutters” remind me of cascading rose petals.anthropologie curtains 2Kelly from View Along the Way teamed up with her friend to Erin to surprise a mutual friend with a low-budget living room makeover while she was on vacay for a week. Sounds pretty awesome, right?!? One of the ways Kelly and Erin saved money was by DIYing some beautiful diamond curtains inspired by Anthropologie. This is a no-sew curtain project that began with simple white curtains from IKEA. Add on some strips of fabric and hem tape, and you’ve got these beauties!anthropologie curtains 3I, too, thought the curtains were just a patterned fabric cut and layered over the white curtains. Actually, I originally thought the red parts might be cloth napkins! Ha! I am now positive that they must look much better in person. Not that they look *bad*, but the far away photos just don’t do them justice. As far as TV shows, well… I will always love Friends. I don’t know if it’s no longer relevant or not, but I do remember watching an episode recently where they get trapped on the roof and Ross and Joey have a comical climb down the fire escape. That probably wouldn’t happen today because they both would have cell phones in their pockets, and would just call their friends to come open the door.anthropologie curtains 4First sew the curtains panels. To do so, first fold your sheet in half , right sides facing each other. Make sure the bottom hem’s finished edge matches up and pin and sew up the vertical edge. Turn right side in.anthropologie curtains 5Wow, these curtains look fantastic. When you say alot of work, how many hours are we thinking? I would love to try to make these but do not know if i have your sort of patience.anthropologie curtains 6Julianna, these are hanging in the guest room now, and since I really want my guests to be able to get a good night’s rest, I have a darkening shade/curtain hanging behind the flutter curtains. They are pretty, but they are also fairly sheer. Hope that helps!anthropologie curtains 7What are the final dimensions of your curtains? I swear I saw that posted earlier, but for the life of me, I can’t find it. PS: MAJOR set back since I’m finally getting to do them. lolanthropologie curtains 8Those curtains are amazing and beautiful. I really love them, and can just imagine them on the window in my guest bedroom. …but, that tutorial!!! It inspired me to learn to love the “no curtain” look I currently have, or just throw up a plain sheet! Cause there is no way I could ever do that! (please take my comment with the intended dose of irony!)anthropologie curtains 9The room looks great! What a creative way to do the curtains. If you do it again, consider cutting the strips on the bias, diagonally. Then when they fray, you’ll get a nice feather look and no long threads. Filing this idea away for the future.anthropologie curtains 10Oh, I absolutely love this! I will be coming back for this tutorial in a few weeks when it’s time to hang my curtains. We get our new home (a builder basic that I plan to make totally us – slowly) on Sept 6. I love your site – I mentioned you in my post on closet dilemma’s and how I find courage in your DIY option. I hope you don’t mind. Let me know if it’s a problem and I’ll remove it. Thanks again for miles of inspiration xox, v

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