Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Where you decide to place your outdoor kitchen depends upon several factors. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that smoke from the grill doesn’t waft back into the home. So have a good idea of the general wind pattern in your yard and orient the grill appropriately. Secondly, if you frequently entertain, and don’t want to travel a long distance from the indoor kitchen to the outside, consider placing your grill and outdoor kitchen relatively near the entrance to the inside kitchen. Remember that outdoor cooking and entertaining frequently means carrying heavy platters from one place to another. Thirdly, if you want to maintain the view you currently have from inside the house to the outside, you’ll want to place the outdoor kitchen to the side or at an angle so that the view isn’t blocked. Lastly, consider the overall traffic flow of your yard and the safety of your family. A hot, outdoor grill shouldn’t be located right next to the area where the Frisbee is thrown around, or near where you ride bikes or play. Just like an indoor kitchen, the outdoor kitchen is full of hazards so place it accordingly. Good planning will help ensure that your outdoor kitchen is in the right location for your yard. Pro tip: If you are considering doing a lot of landscaping changes to your yard such as adding retaining walls or a swimming pool, include the outdoor kitchen as part of the overall design. A professional outdoor kitchen designer will not only design the right kitchen for you, they can offer valuable advice about the ideal location of the kitchen and how it will work with the other elements of the yard.covered outdoor kitchen 11 Of 17 Blue CabinetryIn Dianne Bernhard’s Connecticut kitchen, cabinets with Nantucket-style doors and blue-toned Caesarstone on top pick up the colors of the water just beyond the deck. “We really do live out here during the summer,” Bernhard says. The ceiling is painted Benjamin Moore’s Blue Springs. Francesco Lagnese 2 Of 17 Salvaged MaterialsDesigner Sandy Koepke used salvaged material and earthy colors to give this California kitchen some age and maturity. All of the appliances and cabinetry are from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Table and chairs are compliments of Lucca Antiques. Reed DavisAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below 3 Of 17 A Strategic Layout The U-shaped layout of a Nantucket kitchen is zoned from hot to cold, moving from the grill on the left to two refrigerator drawers and an ice maker on the right. “Usually an outdoor kitchen is more of an adjunct, but this is complete,” designer Kris Horiuchi says. “The client wanted the whole shebang — grill, cooktops, refrigerator, sink, pizza oven.” Trevor Tondro 4 Of 17 Stained Oak In designer Bonnie Edelman’s Connecticut house, the pool kitchen’s stained oak ceiling pours warmth over cool stainless-steel cabinets. A drop-down metal gate protects appliances from rain. Francesco LagneseAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below 5 Of 17 Stone Varietals There’s an organic feeling to the outdoor kitchen designed by Mick De Giulio, thanks to a variety of colors, shapes, and textures of stone — from Medina Slab pavers to the island built of Weston Stone, all from Belgard Hardscapes. Francesco Lagnese 6 Of 17 Terracotta HuesThis outdoor kitchen in Calistoga, California takes its colors from the earth and the sky. A Viking warming drawer is conveniently closest to the Fogazzo 1050 pizza oven. “It’s all about entertaining,” architect Michael Layne says. “People are going to gather where cooking’s going on, so you need lots of counter space and plenty of seating.” David Duncan LivingstonAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below 7 Of 17 Repurposed ShuttersIn Malcolm James Kutner’s Key West house, the outdoor kitchen cabinets are made from old cypress shutters supplied by restorer Liz Devries. “With outdoor living in general, it’s about being friendly with nature and inviting it inside instead of trying to draw that heavy line in the sand that says, ‘This is the outside and this is the inside,’” he says. “Key West is all about living harmoniously with nature.” Christopher Baker 8 Of 17 Barstool SeatingThe backsplash of a New England kitchen is beefed up with a bar counter, where guests can sit and chat with the cook. Fieldstone and granite from Connecticut Stone. Trevor TondroAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below 9 Of 17 Multiple Spaces A Rhode Island property’s entertaining space sits alongside the vegetable garden. The open-air kitchen and enclosed living room are both outfitted with electricity and water, and a patio of bluestone pavers links the two cedar structures. Lisa Hubbard 10 Of 17 Built-In CoolerIt was the owner’s idea to turn the sink within a Nantucket kitchen into a beverage cooler with a teak top. Trevor Tondrocovered outdoor kitchen 2The best outdoor kitchens are as functional as an indoor kitchen, as welcoming as a living room, and as entertaining as a family room. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill, table and chairs, or as elaborate as a fully outfitted kitchen complete with built-in appliances and seating. Although a simple and straightforward outdoor kitchen can be set up by a homeowner, designing a generous and powerful outdoor kitchen is best left to a professional like a concrete contractor, patio contractor or landscape designer. With so many different types of outdoor kitchens, designing the best kitchen for your family takes time to plan and may require permitting from the city. Regardless of whether you hire a pro or not, here are some expert tips to get your outdoor kitchen planning started.covered outdoor kitchen 3Your outdoor kitchen serves as a place to enjoy cooking and eating food while entertaining family and guests. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor weather while having the comforts of your indoor space. Make sure you incorporate features that really make this space the center of your summer. Chairs, tables and decorative objects can complete the look, as will specialty lighting. When it comes to furniture, choose durable pieces with comfortable outdoor cushions. Select the largest table you can for the space so you can use it as a buffet as well as a dining table. Chairs that stack can help save space when it comes time to winterizing the patio. A small fountain or pond can also lend a relaxing ambiance to your outdoor kitchen. Some outdoor kitchens are being fitted with television sets, truly making the outdoor kitchen both the place to cook, eat, relax and entertain. Be sure it’s properly installed out of the elements and away from heat.  Pro tip: If you have a smaller backyard don’t overdo it with an extravagant full outdoor kitchen. Sometimes less can be more. An alternative option is to build a BBQ island, which has all of the essentials from a grill to countertops and is a better fit for a smaller space and budget.covered outdoor kitchen 4The first question a professional outdoor kitchen designer will ask is what size appliances will you need and how many. A homeowner may want utilize several cooking and refrigeration appliances, and may have specific entertaining needs in mind. Consider how all of these appliances will fit within the design plan, how much room to allow for each, and how they will work with each other. Leave enough space on either side of the grill to accommodate platters and tools, and don’t place appliances too close together. The same working triangle used in the kitchen should be applied to the outdoor kitchen as well, especially if you plan on hiring caterers or have more than one cook. Having various counter heights and work surfaces can allow for different functions within the outdoor kitchen. Traditional 36” high counters are prefect for standing pre work and cooking, 30” high surfaces are ideal for sitting and eating, and 42” high bar tables are great for standing or resting food and beverages. Combining all three heights into your outdoor kitchen design will really allow this space to be both functional and flexible. Pro tip: The ideal working triangle places the sink, cooktop and food storage (like the refrigerator) in a triangle setting. Keep the legs of the triangle no less than 4 feet and no longer than 9 feet. A good rule of thumb for distances around appliances is 36” for every person in the kitchen.covered outdoor kitchen 5Many outdoor kitchens include a grill (both gas or charcoal), a sink, and a small refrigerator. Some kitchens even include specialty appliances like a beer tap, smokers, hibachi grills and warming drawers. Purchase appliances that will make it through both rain and sun. Stainless steel or ceramic appliances work great for all weather conditions, are very durable, and require low maintenance. Some sinks offer limited use for quick hand rinses while others may be used for washing large quantities of food. Depending on your projects designed sink use, remember an outdoor sink must be either hooked up to a yard hose or connected to the home’s water supply. Calling a plumber to connect your outdoor sink to a water supply is an easy way to let a pro handle the hard work. Some outdoor kitchens are also fitted with other appliances to make the outdoor kitchen feel custom. Be sure a licensed electrician installs your electrical connections so you can be assured your outdoor kitchen is up to code. Pro tip: Gas powered grills are a popular feature in the outdoor kitchen. If you want a plumbed gas line for your gas grill, you’ll need to hire a licensed professional and most likely file a permit with the city. Be sure you consult an expert for this project.

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