Denver Botanic Garden

There are three diverse locations that are part of the Denver Botanic Gardens as a whole. The main location, and the formal garden, is the York Street location in east-central Denver. Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield (near Chatfield State Park) features natural meadow and riparian areas, as well as a historic farm and homestead. Mt. Goliath, on the route to Mount Evans, is an alpine wildflower garden (along hiking trails).denver botanic garden 1The Denver Botanic Gardens is a public botanical garden located in the Cheesman Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The 23-acre (93,000 m2) park contains a conservatory, a variety of theme gardens and a sunken amphitheater, which hosts various concerts in the summer.denver botanic garden 2The Denver Botanic Gardens, along with nearby Cheesman Park and Congress Park, sit atop what used to be Mount Prospect cemetery. Although the majority of bodies were removed in 1893, the interred continued to be removed as late as the 1950s. As recently as 2010, graves were uncovered during renovation of the park’s irrigation and sprinkler systems.denver botanic garden 3Enhance a visit with audio, video and GPS-enabled tours. Use a smartphone or tablet to navigate the new mobile website, the Garden Tool. It’s free and easy to use. Go to the Garden Tool websitedenver botanic garden 4The world’s first Xeriscape Demonstration Garden was created at the Gardens in 1986, and 2 years later its name was changed to Dryland Mesa. It was based on the “7 Principles” of Xeriscape, and includes drought-tolerant plants from the arid West and Mediterranean areas.

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