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Dyi Bedroom FurnitureDecor Ideas Bedroom DiyCreative Bedroom DecorDiy Cozy Home DecorRoom Decor CozyDiy Decorating BedroomDiy Bedroom CraftsRoom Decor Diy BedroomRoom Organization Diy BedroomForwardThe best thing about the colder weather is definitely coming home, going into your bedroom, and wrapping yourself up in a huge blanket to make a human cocoon that you will stay in until you go outside again. Winter can be brutal, and there’s nothing better than a cozy bedroom to hang out in during those months. But making your bedroom super cozy is about more than just adding a few blankets and pillows – it’s a whole vibe that you create with decor, furniture, and colors.See Morepin 3.8kheart 679speech 12diy bedroom ideas 1Wish your bedroom had a new look? If you’re crafty, its easier than you might think. There are many fun bedroom decor crafts to try. Whether you’d like to create new bedroom furniture or copy a fancy store’s expensive bedroom decor style look – it can be done in a few days or just an afternoon. Most DIY bedroom crafts involve wood working, sewing, painting or working with lighting – as these are typically things you do to improve one’s bedroom. If you are new to trying a specific type of craft, we recommend you ask a friend with more experience to help or start with a beginner level project. Soon your bedroom will look fabulous – from your DIY projects! Happy Crafting!diy bedroom ideas 2This adorably cute DIY pillow is super simple to make. A fun and easy DIY idea that can be made in a couple of hours, this pillow makes a cool homemade gift for teens, for friends or even a craft to make and sell. The roses are made with a glue gun, too, and the technique works on not only pillows, but DIY wall art, pallet signs and pretty much anything else you might dream of. Learn how with this fun DIY bedroom ideas 3Yep. I know this may be going just a tad bit overboard, as this is a dollar store craft, an mason jar craft and also a DIY project using string lights, but hey, this is what is popular, right? Reminds me a little bit of the redneck wine glass, unfortunately, but these are actually very pretty and a perfect choice for teen girl bedroom decor. Add garlands of stars for an extra effect and you get to decide whether your string lights will be clear or colorful. A candlestick compliments of the dollar store, some E600 glue, and you are ready to make this easy DIY idea. LED lights strings with batteries are also avail for $1 at Michaels or a dollar store. Be sure to get cordless LEDs for this DIY bedroom ideas 4Architectural Artwork Designer Brian Patrick Flynn wanted to add a rustic-meets-industrial vibe to this bedroom, so he created a one-of-a-kind piece of art out of some salvaged wood. He mounted the charmingly distressed door directly to the wall, then framed it out with some scrap trim pieces to give it a custom built-in look. Suitcase Bedside Table Have you ever thought about turning an old suitcase into a bedside table? Start with a small table and suitcase that work well together dimension-wise &#151 a hard shell suitcase works best. Prime and paint both the suitcase and table with your choice of paint. Set the open suitcase on the table and drill several pilot holes straight through to the wood below. Secure with screws, close the suitcase, and your new table is ready to be used! Head over to Songbird Blog for full instructions and photos on creating your own suitcase side table. Brass Stencil Lampshade To create this brass stencil lampshade, gather up one wire-framed lampshade and a hefty handful of vintage brass letter stencils. Rip off the fabric from the lampshade frame and wrap the top and base with grosgrain ribbon. Next, punch some holes in the brass stencils and start tying them onto the lampshade frame with string, fine twine or ribbon. Place the shade on a vintage lamp, add an industrial-chic Edison bulb, and you’re done! See Amy Duncan’s complete tutorial at Four Corners Design. Coastal-Style Shutter Headboard Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage thriftily found new purpose for some unfinished shutters and ended up creating a gorgeous and unique headboard with a coastal cottage style. The shutters were painted, lightly distressed, then anchored securely to the wall. The look is simple, cozy and creates the perfect focal point for this neutral bedroom. Mattress Spring Display Board Say goodbye to traditional memo boards; an old mattress spring works just as well. Take a vintage crib mattress spring and scrub it with a wire brush to knock off any rust that could discolor walls. Leave as-is for a distressed look, or spray-paint it a glossy hue. Secure it to the wall with a screw at each corner. Use vintage clothespins, clips and rings to hang whatever items you’d like to display. See Melissa Urban’s full project, with complete instructions and pictures, over at Shabby Love. Upcycled Sweater Pillows Give an old sweater a new lease on life by creating a decorative sweater pillow. First, turn the sweater inside out. Place your pillow form onto your sweater and measure around the pillow leaving a small margin to sew. Mark and cut the sweater. Sew the two pieces together, leaving a space to slip the pillow form in. Cut away the excess sweater and turn right side out. Slip the pillow form in, and hand-stitch the opening closed. Head over to Brassy Apple to see Megan Pyrah’s full instructions and pictures. Desk Turned Nightstand A discarded desk can be a great way to create a pair of repurposed nightstands for the bedroom. Look for a desk with symmetrical drawers on each side. Use a saw to cut the drawers away from the desk. Repair any imperfections or holes from the desk deconstruction with wood fill, use a router to match the beveled edges, then paint as desired. See Mandy Beyeler’s detailed instructions and pictures at Sugar Bee Crafts. Map Gallery Wall Designer Brian Patrick Flynn of Decor Demon hit the books — well, the Atlas, at least — to create this high-impact gallery wall on the cheap. An oversized map was cut into six equal pieces, then tucked into sleek, metallic modern frames. From: Brian Patrick Flynn Double-Duty Dresser This vintage dresser now does double-duty in a bedroom that must also function as a study space. Designer Janell Beals of Isabella and Max Rooms converted this classic Hoosier cupboard into a compact desk with just a little paint and ingenuity. Burlap Roller Shade Designer Erica Islas needed an inexpensive way to add texture to this bedroom’s window treatment, so she turned to rustic burlap. Using spray adhesive, she attached the burlap to a simple roller shade and installed it according to the directions. Erica then repeated the texture in the room by making a chic burlap upholstered bedroom ideas 5Valentines DIY: Love Birds Diorama in a Mason JarIt’s almost Valentines Day! That means it’s time for candy hearts, holding hands, secret love letters and lovely dovey craft projects. Yes! To celebrate the snuggliest of all holidays, I made a little love birds diorama. This project would make a cute gift for a beloved, a sweet holiday decoration sitting on a pretty shelf, 40 Rustic Wood Signs with Inspiring Messages of HopeIf you enjoy DIY projects, then one you’ve got to try is making a rustic wood sign. Why? For starters, this is a project that even a beginner can feel confident about getting great results. Its also a super customizable project. With rustic wood signs, you can add your favorite inspirational saying, whether to motivate, Valentine Party Ideas You Can Make At HomeDo you love to shower your party guests with love? Here are some Valentine party ideas that will help you spread the love! I love to call my kiddos, Love Bug! So when I saw this darling Love Valentine Cars clipart from Pretty Grafik, I knew it would be perfect for a little Valentine bedroom ideas 637 DIY Ideas for Teenage Girl’s Room DecorEvery girl and teen girl wants their room to look picture perfect. It can be challenging – as some girls and teens get inspired to change their room decor regularly and parents find it hard to keep up. That’s why home decor crafts are ideal to keep at your fingertips. Some are ones that girls Funny Maternity T-Shirts, Some with SayingsFor a woman, being pregnant is often the most blessed time of her life. Creating life, growing a child and being the center of attention are all great! Back aches, having to pee all the time, being uncomfortable are just a few of the challenges a Mom-to-be must also go through. So having a sense How to Make a Crayon Monogram For A Teacher’s GiftHow adorable is this crayon monogram? Perfect to gift to a special teacher but also a really fun idea for a nursery, child’s room or play room. It’s a very simple DIY project. Print your letter out on a scrap piece of paper. Arrange crayons over letter. Cut crayons individually to length using a sharp knife

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