Faux Wood Plantation Shutters

When you go to purchase your plantation shutters, there are three brands that represent the high-, mid-, and low-cost range of what’s available. Which one you choose depends on your budget and your tastes. Hunter-Douglas produces three lines of plantation shutters in both real wood and faux wood styles. A higher-end product, Hunter-Douglas is worth the cost for beauty, quality of workmanship, and customer service. Hampton Bay produces a mid-cost line of shutters as well as other products such as lighting and ceiling fans. The mid-range pricing of Hampton Bay makes them very popular for those who are balancing aesthetics with a budget. HOMEbasics is a low-cost brand for budget-minded DIYers. Available in both faux and real wood, the affordability combines with the visual appeal to make this a very popular choice for plantation shutters. Reviews also describe them as easy to install. Regardless of which line you go with, be sure to ask about frames. Frames can cost extra, but they add an unsurpassed beauty and warmth to a room with plantation shutters.faux wood plantation shutters 1The ultimate luxury window treatment, plantation shutters have long been desired for their stately good looks and impeccable quality. These timeless window coverings are appropriate for decors both classic and modern. Aside from their attractiveness, window shutters are easy to use, provide effective insulation and light control, and increase your home’s value. Blinds.com offers interior shutters in wood and faux wood, in a range of colors and styles Choose wood shutters for top-quality craftsmanship or faux wood for moisture resistance and easier maintenance Get free samples (up to 10) on any window shutters before you order Learn how to measure your windows and install your interior shutters with our step-by-step guidesfaux wood plantation shutters 2Our interior vinyl shutters offer an affordable and stylish alternative to real wood or other window treatment options, a less expensive way to get that tropical shutter look. Our vinyl interior shutters come in a variety of colors, including natural, that rival their real wood counterparts. Even if you are not on a budget, vinyl shutters offer an easy-to-care-for alternative. They are durable, and for those with young children, they offer an option that is easily cleaned. They also handle tough environments well, such as high humidity areas. Because they can withstand harsh environments, vinyl shutters work well in children’s rooms, high humidity rooms such as bathrooms, and in geographical areas with high humidity. They will not warp like wood does, and they are more resistant to mold and mildew. We offer two varieties of vinyl interior shutters. Our vinyl shutters combine beauty with durability, not to mention the easy maintenance. Our basic vinyl shutters are paintable and available in two colors to meet your needs. Basic vinyl shutters combine the traditional warmth and beauty of natural wood with the practical advantages of high tech materials and design. From the traditional to the contemporary, you can express your style with our shutters. Now you can add a personal touch of elegance to any room at prices designed for any budget.faux wood plantation shutters 3Full Height These louvered shutters provide complete, top to bottom window coverage, opening and closing as one unit. Cafe Style These louvered shutters cover just the lower half of your window, letting light in while maintaining privacy at the bottom half of your window. Tier on Tier These louvered shutters cover your whole window, with the top and bottom halves opening independently. Full Solid Shaker These solid shutters provide complete window coverage and have a more elegant, traditional feel to them. Half Solid Shaker These shutters give you the best of both worlds – solid on the lower half and with louvers above. Special Shapes From arches to triangles to sunbursts. We custom make shutters in all shapes and sizes.faux wood plantation shutters 4Costs for having plantation shutters installed by a contractor are a bit more predictable. Contractors who have installed plantation shutters before can quickly get accurate measurements and suggest which materials would work best in different rooms. For example, while natural wood may look beautiful in your living room, it might not be so practical in a bathroom where moisture will cause the wood to warp. The size, material, and quality of the shutter will have a significant effect on the cost. Contractors usually go through a shutter supplier and can get various sizes that are not normally available at home improvement stores. Here are some sample prices of the shutters most contractors use for standard-sized windows:faux wood plantation shutters 5Plantation shutters look like large, wooden blinds, but there are significant differences. Blinds are often narrow, made of aluminum or vinyl, and the slats tilt based on a gear and pulley mechanism. By contrast, plantation shutters have wide compound louvers that fit into a frame and are controlled by way of a wooden rod running up the middle. When not needed, they swing away on hinges in the same way traditional shutters do, except on the inside.faux wood plantation shutters 6Constructed from recyclable vinyl with the look of painted wood, faux wood shutters are easy to clean and are guaranteed not to fade, peel, or warp. Wood shutters are created from solid basswood and highly valued for window coverings due to the wood’s superior quality, even texture, and attractive grain.faux wood plantation shutters 7Resale Value Dressing your house to impress with shutters can pay off in the future if you're looking to sell. Window Insulation Adding shutters to your windows can result in added energy savings. Nice! Light Regulation Open or closed? Whether you are in the mood for bright, beautiful views or a daytime slumber party, shutters are excellent light regulators. Timeless and Dazzling Always in style, shutters prove again and again that they are the ultimate in durability for decades of fun and function.faux wood plantation shutters 8The ultimate luxury window treatment, plantation shutters have long been desired for their stately good looks and impeccable quality. These timeless window coverings are appropriate for decors both classic and modern. Aside from their attractiveness, window shutters are easy to use, provide effective insulation and light control, and increase your home’s value.faux wood plantation shutters 9Shutters are the superheroes of the window treatment world. Durable, timeless, clean, and dependable, plantation shutters can save you money on energy costs, add curb appeal to your home, and are a reliable system of light control. Louvers easily angle up and down to provide unobstructed views when open and shut out almost all light when closed.faux wood plantation shutters 10Rated 3 out of 5 by Sean from Pretty, but lots of work Once hung, the shutters are really nice. However, if your window boxes aren’t entirely squared up, these will take some work to hang. First, they were too tall. Luckily, they are designed to be able to saw off the tops and bottoms so that they fit. However, you have to saw the top and bottom of two shutters AND the two attachment pieces. That’s 8 cuts for each set. Then, they were wider than advertised and I had to use a table saw to shave off various thicknesses from the attachment pieces. For one window, I had to make a cut on just one side. The next window I had to make cuts on both sides. The last window had to make an angled cut on one side. They look really nice now, but there is no room for error in sizing. If your box is not ENTIRELY the exact size of the shutters (which they likely aren’t), you’re going to have to have a table saw and put in some work. Date published: 2016-08-02faux wood plantation shutters 11Plantation shutters are something many homeowners can purchase and install themselves. How much they cost depends on size, material, and whether or not they are custom.faux wood plantation shutters 12All HOMEbasics interior shutters are warranted for one year for materials and workmanship. HOMEbasics hereby warrants and guarantees to the original purchaser of these shutters that, when installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the stated procedures, this product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the period of warranty.

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