How to Know If You Have Lymph Node Cancer?

How To Know If You Have Lymph Node Cancer?

how to know if you have lymph node cancer?

How To Know If You Have Lymph Node Cancer?

Different cancers affect about 1 in 3 people in the world. We all know someone who has had a cancer or is suffering from it now. Like with most diseases, it is easiest to treat if discovered early. But how should one know the signs?

How To Know If You Have Lymph Node Cancer?

Lymphoma is kind of a cancer that affects our lymphatic system and causes a tumor to develop in our lymph nodes, that is why it is often referred to as a lymph node cancer. When you are affected by lymphoma you will develop swelling in your lymphatic nodes. The swelling is often painless and can be anywhere on your body- in the groin, neck or even armpits. But be aware, not all the swelling in your nodes means that you have developed a cancer. Swelling in these areas of your body can develop also after other infections and is mostly harmless.

If these symptoms last for longer than few weeks, you should see a local doctor, who is able to diagnose you properly. If your doctor thinks that you may have lymphoma, he will send you to an oncologist, who will make the necessary test to find out if you have this disease and what exactly can be done.

Like most other cancers, lymphoma could be treated with either a bone marrow transplantation, chemotherapy or sometimes radiotherapy. Lymphoma is a secretive cancer that develops slowly over time and hits you when you least expect it. However like most cancers, if discovered at an early stage, it is mostly treatable.

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