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We offer Italian and Tuscan Home Decor created by artist Al Pisano and made in USA. Our Italian products are imbued with Tuscan themes and colors, Grape accents and personalized gifts for every occasion. Our Tuscan wall art, Italian Wall plaques and Italian and Tuscan Door Toppers and Italian signs will make a charming and unique decorating accent for your home. Terrific decor for Italian restaurants too. Our Italian and Tuscan wall signs and wall plaques are all hand crafted reproductions of art created by Al Pisano. Each are unique and high quality pieces that are made in Al’s studio in Florida. All of our work is supervised by the artist Al Pisano in the U.S. Browse through our large selection of Italian Wall Plaques, Italian signs, and Tuscan door toppers and other Tuscan home decor and pick one up for yourself and one or two for your friends. They make a great Italian gifts, to give or to receive!italian home decor 1But while Italy is certainly illustrious in the culinary arts, it’s no stranger to the visual arts either. Tuscan wall art emulates the classical splendor of all Italian art, with scrollwork framing wall clocks and sconces. Wall plaques and signs emit Renaissance flair with banners unfurling over great feasts. Introduce scenic wall canvas art and arched framed wall art with Italian wall art. “Benvenuti,” the Italian word for “welcome,” is another popular plaque to hang on your kitchen wall. Shop Tuscan Wall Decor for mirrors and wall toppers as well. Finally, browse our Italian wall decor for various display options, including wall shelves and wall hook racks.italian home decor 2As mentioned above, there seems to be two prominent schools of design that have emerged out of Italy— Old World ornate Italian and Modern Italian. Most of the home interiors that we have shown up to this point have been quite traditional in design, but modern design most definitely has a place in Italian homes, too. Italian elegance and luxury certainly finds itself in the modern Italian home.italian home decor 3From marble to terra cotta, stoneware of all varieties find its origins in Italian history. Ancient Italian artisans worked this rustic stone into pieces of beauty.   The article, Art of Italian Tiles and Decorative Floors, cites that Italian flooring reached a new level in decorative standards thanks in large part to its marble floor tiles, and that this was greatly supported by the Papacies requesting this tile for their church floors.italian home decor 4Let Italian and Tuscan decor capture your imagination. Picture winding roads hemmed by cypress trees and verdant fields. Or, envision clusters of wisteria crowning a distressed, medieval door. Rows of olive trees and grape vines are also popular images to include in your home. Mediterranean decor will transport you to a brand new landscape. It seems Tuscan home decor is destined to be your decorating theme!italian home decor 5For a contemporary take on Italian style, this home welcomes guests with custom wrought iron doors and a gothic-inspired lantern chandelier hanging from a dramatic dome ceiling. An ornate chest and mirror incorporate Tuscan-style copper hues, while drawing in the hand-painted details prominent in Italian design. A pair of antique Italian gilded altar sticks makes perfect lamps for a contemporary Old World foyer.italian home decor 6Historically, Renaissance design and architecture dates back to the early 15th Century in Florence, Italy.  This design was dominated by architectural stone columns and elegant baroque stylings. Fast-forward to today’s Italian-Style homes, and you will still see amazing craftsmanship and stunning styles, but there seems to be two prominent schools of design that have emerged— Old World Ornate Italian and Modern Italian.italian home decor 7The real question is, Why wouldn’t it be? Of course Italian-Style home decor is popular! It is ornate, gorgeously-gilted, elegant and designed of only the highest quality furnishings. Italian design is the epitome of luxury.italian home decor 8Nestled in the California hills, designer Debra Ryan of Debra Kay George Interiors brought the feel of Tuscany straight into this Pacific home. To evoke that warm, Italian feel, she used several architectural details to deeply portray the Mediterranean style, like limestone, artistic murals, Venetian plastered walls, rough-hewn beams and coffered wood ceilings. “The use of honed and distressed materials creates an inviting, warm atmosphere for this home that retains a feel of grandeur and elegance,” Debra says. A custom-made stone fireplace serves as the living room’s focal point, while a coffered wood ceiling with embossed metal insets provides Italian details unique to the home.italian home decor 9Whether you are a traditionalist or a modernist, an Italian-style home can be yours. Just go for the gusto by buying the best of everything! And if this is unaffordable, then invest in one to two high-quality pieces that will last a life-time, and don’t forget to use stone, marble and tile wherever possible—it just screams Italian luxury.italian home decor 10Perfect for both holiday entertaining and everyday meals, this Old World dining room offers elegant, Italian Renaissance appeal with a comfortable and cozy dining experience. Cantera stone walls, often used in Spanish and Southwestern designs, immediately set this room apart from the home’s plastered walls and intricate murals. The brick barrel-vaulted ceiling subtly mimics the kitchen’s ceiling detail, while providing a delicate contrast from the stone walls. For a decorative feature against au naturel surroundings, designer Lori Venners added coordinating artwork and accessories to the back-lit art niches and built-in cabinets, as well as the 19th-century Italian neoclassical brass chandelier. Convenient for entertaining, storage alcoves house the owner’s fine wine collection. Architecture by Thom Oppelt. Image courtesy of Gene Northup of Synergy Sotheby’s International Realtyitalian home decor 11Just as much as a welcome plaque, Tuscan style furniture can also foster an inviting atmosphere in your home. Wooden tables and chairs, finished in natural or autumn cherry, create old world elegance all around you. Meanwhile, scrolling metal etageres and vanity stools gleam with bronze or gold finishes. These antique colors only heighten the sense of timeworn grandeur. Peruse Italian home decor for striking Tuscan furniture.italian home decor 12Ever heard the expression “Italians do it better”? Well, we’re starting to really understand what it means. This month, all eyes are on Italy with the Venice Film Festival, kicking off today, and Milan Fashion Week, taking place in a few weeks, and meanwhile, Italian interiors are on the brain. We’re inviting ourselves into some of the most insanely chic Italian homes today, and we can’t help but notice their rich sense of history, appreciation for the arts, and unequivocal sense of glamour. Scroll below to tour some of the most stylish residences, from Milan to Venice and everywhere in between.italian home decor 13Whether you are a modern design lover or your tastes veer more towards traditional Italian design, you will want to read this article that details all the wonderful offerings of Italian-Style homes—both modern and Old World. Once you are done reading here, you may also want to read, 10 Simple Ways to Awaken Your Interiors With Luxe Details.italian home decor 14Italian-style homes are not just luxurious, they are literally layered in luxury from floor to ceiling—not a corner is missed. Every detail is top-quality and fine craftsmanship reigns supreme. Old World Italian homes have Murano crystal chandeliers draping from paneled ceilings. Their walls feature ornate trim and one-of-a-kind painted murals, and floors are covered in glossy wood or marble with plush area rugs strewn about for added comfort.italian home decor 15This inviting master bathroom will compel you to leave all worries at the door. Bath time is never complete without enjoying the warmth from a gas-burning fireplace or staring at soothing water reflections on a vaulted ceiling above. Jerusalem stone, travertine floors, walls and countertops, and solid wood accents deliver an overwhelming cozy Italian feel within the small space. Travertine, a traditional building material, is especially symbolic in Italian design as it was the primary material used in the construction of the Colosseum in 72 A.D. Design by Debra Campbell Designitalian home decor 16Italian design is known for being elegant, distinguished and casually grand. From traditional Old World Italian architecture to vibrant Tuscan-style designs, these extravagant and eye-catching rooms will leave you longing for Italia.italian home decor 17I love the mix of decor styles in this space! A contemporary couch plays beautifully with a midpile shag rug, a midcentury-inspired arc lamp and a Danish modern coffee table. But the kicker has to be the gorgeous Italian cane chairs upholstered in a bright sea-foam green. Together with the brightly colored pillows, they create a beachy, relaxed feel in this Los Angeles home.italian home decor 18Gold Venetian plastered walls and wide archways set the stage for this Old World living room. HGTV fan hodji combined cozy leather furniture with unique accessories and decor to bring in the cultural elements that help make up traditional Italian design. Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, is often seen in Roman Catholic environments and Old World designs, particularly through antique artwork like the small piece hanging above the mantel. The floor-standing candelabrum provides an additional Old World element among a mixture of Spanish- and Southwestern-inspired accessories.italian home decor 19Tuscan window treatments and much more will all help you recreate those scenes, the candlelit ristorante and the cobblestone streets. Primp window panes with Tuscan curtains featuring medallion prints and swooping waterfall valances. You can also find gorgeous bedding to enhance your bedroom, from comforters to bedspreads. Create your own little Italy with Tuscan decorating and Italian decor.

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