Living Room Color Schemes

Navy, Turquoise and Pink Beautiful shades of turquoise and hot pink pop in this cheerful Los Angeles living room created by Design Star winner Emily Henderson. Use big hits of color in a living room’s palette to create a bright, airy and happy space that integrates both feminine and masculine details. Image courtesy Emily Henderson Turquoise, Neon Yellow and Slate Gray Interior designer Abbe Fenimore plays with a turquoise, neon yellow and gray color palette in this cheerful living room. A soft blue modular sofa shines with electric neon pillows atop it. A slate-gray wall is the perfect backdrop to this living area’s bright shades. Image courtesy Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25 Black, White and Powder Blue The classic black-and-white color palette is given a refreshing twist when blue is added to the mix. Designer Abbe Fenimore painted the walls a crisp blue to present black-and-white furnishings in a bold new way. Blue accents add hints of the wall color to the living area. Image courtesy Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25 Soft Blues and Grass Green Philadelphia-based interior designer Mona Ross Berman used a baby-blue shade that extends to the flooring with a blue- and green-patterned carpet in this cozy living space. Grass-green elements are added to the soothing color palette with accent pieces: an upholstered ottoman, X-bench and cushions. For a room with a bright color palette like this one, temper it with a large neutral piece, like this cream-colored sofa. Image courtesy Mona Ross Berman Interiors Moody Blues and Browns Mixing navy blue and brown may seem dark for a living room, but the color palette works beautifully in this cozy seating area. Designer Lindsey Coral Harper covered the wall in a lacquered navy blue, and added bits of brown with wooden frames on the side chairs and art. Image courtesy of Lindsey Coral Harper Navy Blue Meets Black and Beige Black and navy blue may be on the dark end of the color spectrum, but they can work together to create a modern living space. In this living room designed by HGTV Design Star finalist Hilari Younger, beige, brown and white elements lighten the dark color palette. Image courtesy Hilari Younger of Ufunkshen Gray, Gold and Peacock Blue Spice up a white room with golden hues, a rich peacock blue and warm gray tones. Emily Henderson has turned this living room’s reading nook into an inviting space with splashes of color that take the space from boring and basic to bold and beautiful. To get the look at home, create a feature wall with paint or wallpaper. Here, Emily added gray and gold tones with Joy Cho’s Petal Pusher wallpaper. Image courtesy Emily Henderson Mint Green and Pink Discover a unique color palette through the accessories in your home. Designer Fawn Galli’s living room, with a pastel palette of pink and green, was inspired by a pair of ikat drapes from Cambodia. Image courtesy Fawn Galli Interiors Go Bold With Hot Pink Hot pink may be associated with girly-girl style, but the color can also be used to brighten a neutral space. In this seating area by Abbe Fenimore, a cream sofa becomes the perfect backdrop for various shades of the juicy color. Meanwhile, green textiles on the side chair complement the bright hue. The painting in the seating area, with its brown, green and peachy tones, ties the whole room together. Image courtesy Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25 Bright Berry Hues Lindsey Coral Harper designed this daring living room study using berry delicious shades like raspberry, blueberry and mint green. In a room with bold blocks of color on the walls or built-ins, look at bringing in calming tones through furnishings. Here, light-colored seating and carpet grounds this vibrant space. Image courtesy of Lindsey Coral Harper Blushing Rouge and Cream Be playful with color in a creamy interior. Red details take this living room space from traditional to bright and modern. Red accents come through in the side chairs, cushions and media cabinet. With warm golden finishes, this room’s color palette feels elegant and luxurious. Image courtesy Fawn Galli Interiors Yellow, Red and Orange Mariah O’Brien filled this living room with a mix of strong, warm hues to create a stunning color palette. Yellow, red and orange details pop off the brown shelving units. A turquoise-blue vase brightens the coffee table, and a hot-pink swan chair works like an exclamation point. Image courtesy Mariah O’Brien Interiors Emerald and Black This classic interior by Thom Filicia is a celebration of the color green. Kelly green is used from the floor to the ceiling to envelop the room in this stunning hue. A mix of emerald and black is presented through a vibrant ikat rug. For a spectacular statement, black wallpaper covers a feature wall in the space. Image courtesy of Thom Filicia Chartreuse and Turquoise Your color palette can be inspired by anything, including your love of the great outdoors. Designer Fawn Galli uses natural greens and turquoise to create a calming palette that brings the outside in. Image courtesy Fawn Galli Interiors Tangerine and Peacock Blue Create a lively living room with energetic shades. Designer Abbe Fenimore mixes decorative accents in color-wheel opposites peacock blue and tangerine to enliven this living room’s color palette. For a softer look, try tangerine and mint. Image courtesy Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25 Red, Orange and Yellow Yellow, orange and red details stand out in this minimalist living room. Use art as the focal point of your room’s color palette — a white backdrop keeps a bright palette from becoming too intense. Image courtesy Fawn Galli Interiors Burnt Orange and Gold Warm up your living room with rustic shades. Hilari Younger layered this living room with a variety of warm tones like burnt orange, brown and gold to create a cozy, inviting space. Image courtesy Hilari Younger of Ufunkshen Citrus and Burnt Orange Mixing and matching similar shades is an unexpected way to create a room’s color palette. Shades of burnt orange and citrus are layered together in this room for a lively mix. Image courtesy Hilari Younger of Ufunkshen Citrusy Lemon and Orange Mona Ross Berman uses happy shades of lemon yellow and bright orange for a house by the beach. Play with a mix of bright shades to create a room that is instantly smile-inducing. Image courtesy Mona Ross Berman Interiors Glamorous Black and Purple Go for glamour with a regal shade of purple. Hilari Younger pairs purple with black and white to create a room that has an Old Hollywood feel. A cool gray wall adds the final sophisticated touch to this seating area. Image courtesy Hilari Younger of Ufunkshenliving room color schemes 1Eclectic Elegance The color palette in this living room includes shades of turquoise, jade green and yellow-green for a cohesive and sophisticated look. Rate My Space user merskine unifies her eclectic mix of furniture from Craigslist by painting the wood pieces a bright white and using an analogous color palette. Traditional Neutrals Neutral colors are the perfect background for a living room. Add accessories in muted shades or bright hues to achieve different looks. Designer Kenneth Brown pairs several shades of brown and tan with muted shades of red and green to create a calming but interesting atmosphere. Breezy Contemporary Cool blue draperies and cream walls contrast well with the dark brown floors to create a relaxing, contemporary living area. RMSer mdcandela adds interest to the subtle color palette by choosing fabrics like the brown zebra print and adding a soft cream area rug. Deep Hues Design a living room that makes a statement with rich, saturated shades, like the dark gray and purple of this space. To keep the space from looking too dark, designer Kenneth Brown uses cream furnishings and two-toned draperies. Brightly Colored This uplifting palette uses fuchsia to add a little passion, while the bright green creates an organic richness to the space. Designer Shelly Riehl David updates the classic color palette of pink and green by using shades of lime and fuchsia. From: Shelly Riehl David Classic Palette A color scheme of red and cream is paired with classic furnishings for a traditionally styled living room. RMSer Creynolds grounds the light walls of the living room with a dark red area rug while fabrics in cream, gold and red pull the color palette throughout the room color schemes 2Living Room Color Scheme: Reimagined Traditional Coral Orange + Uptown Aqua + Milk Chocolate Traditional style relies on a refined composition and classic styling. Have fun with this graceful look in a living room by layering in a punchy color scheme. With a foundation of timeless neutrals, a complementary color scheme of coral orange and aqua blue brings this living room to life. Hints of chocolate brown recall the coloring of the wood floor, tables, and chair frames. Limit a traditional color palette to a few neutrals and two colors to maintain a formal air. Pick the perfect wall color with My Color room color schemes 3Taking a risk with color is a big step, but the payoff can be incredible. Balancing a bold color with neutrals and repeating the color are two keys to success. In this living room, a vivid cerulean blue colors the walls, and similar hues appear in the artwork, upholstery, and area rug to carry the color through the space. A midtone khaki on the side table and sofa temper the blue, and mustard yellow accents provide further contrast. To balance a saturated wall color, try this living room paint idea: Paint the top portion of the walls one color, install a chair rail, and paint the bottom portion of the wall a less saturated version of the top color (use colors on the same paint strip).

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