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It is time to prepare our home`s outdoor design for festive entertaining. It is time to ensure the success of the those summer nights outdoors, making the most of our backyard landscape. It is only natural to do everything that stands in our power to make the best out of everything, to recycle and upcycle as much as possible and materialize responsible projects for our garden, backyard and patio. There are thousands of resources out there used to fuel extraordinary ideas into successful projects. Out of all these, smart and creative diy outdoor pallet furniture designs are without a doubt the most appealing, giving us the opportunity to make a change in our yard with little to no cost in a very responsible and rewardful manner at the same time. We highly encourage you to feed your imagination with pallet furniture ideas showcased below and leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.patio pallet furniture 1Hello there, I would probably attach another piace of pallet to the bottom part.I would cut the pallet half and would screw them together in 90 degree angle. Hope this helps! We love our outdoor area, good luck making yours! Send me a pic once done:-)Have a great week!patio pallet furniture 2 I stumbled upon a few pieces of pallet furniture on Pinterest and I totally envisioned our new, colorful, fun patio in my head. When we moved in 6 yrs ago, we bought a nice patio set which I upholstered last year, find the tutorial HERE. I loved that makeover very much as it was a huge transformation, but this year the cushions were ready for a change again.patio pallet furniture 3Then we placed the already cut pallets on the top of each other to make an L shape sectional in the corner of the deck. (Little man was there helping of course. :-)) Hubby cut big thick legs for the sitting furniture from 4 x 4 wood panel, and we screwed those to the bottom of the pallets with small tie plates. We attached a long 2×6 piece to the back of the pallet to balance out the furniture, and used small tie plates to secure the pallets together.patio pallet furniture 4Some will say that outdoor pallet furniture sacrifice style for functionality. We tend to disagree. Especially after seeing this tutorial by BHG in which they created an amazing Adriondack chair out of, guess what … wooden pallets. It’s a stunning project, must say.patio pallet furniture 5We made the pallet furniture, too, and posted it on our blog at We found the pallets at Lowe’s, and they were more than happy to load a bunch into our vehicle. Check with the store manager, of course. Their practice may vary store to store. Good luck!patio pallet furniture 6Measure the top edge of the sofa back — including the outside edges of the side pieces — to determine the length of the top trim piece. Mark a 1×6 cedar plank with a pencil, then cut to size with a circular saw (Image 1). Using a nail gun, attach the top trim piece with finish nails into the solid points on the back pallet piece, ensuring the front and side edges of the trim are flush with the inside edges of the back and side pallets (Image 2).patio pallet furniture 7Measure the vertical fascia for each of the two side pallets that will be the seat’s arms. Use a pencil to mark 1×6 cedar planks with these measurements, and cut to size with a circular saw (Image 1). Align front trim piece with the top and inner seating edges of the side pallet, and use finish nails and a nail gun to attach (Image 2).patio pallet furniture 8Measure the distance along the top front edge of the seat section between the two side trim pieces. This should equal the length of the back, structure and seat pallets determined in step 2. Use a pencil to mark a 1×6 cedar plank to the determined length. Cut the plank to size with a circular saw, and install with finish nails — aligning the top edge of the fascia with the top edge of the seat pallet.patio pallet furniture 9Perfect for entry halls, kids rooms or even out on your deck, you will love your new pallet sofa. The creative heads from Scrap Hacker came up with this concept and I must say it’s really darling.patio pallet furniture 10If you fancy this fold-down pallet bar for the outside of your home, imagine you can hide your glasses and all other bottle utensils you might need. Pretty cool, eh? The bar is easy to make for beginners, just make sure you have the wood you need. And while you’re at it, we have a tutorial for a fold-down Murphy bar from ThisOldHouse — note: they don’t use pallets, but you can.patio pallet furniture 11Repurposing or recycling wooden pallets into indoors or outdoors furniture has become very popular with people across the globe. It’s not just because you’re going to do a fun project but because you can craft a highly functional sofa, coffee table or other things for your garden, in no time. And you’ll also be proud for not spending too much as they are perfect projects for small budgets.patio pallet furniture 12You are not going to believe, but the most expensive piece on the whole deck makeover was the foam for the sitting furniture. They sell the foam by yard, and it is pretty pricey. Over $60 per yard. I was lucky enough to find the foam for 50% off at Joann, though.

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