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Flexible Storage Solutions from PODS PODS Storage containers provide you with a better way to store. Maybe you’re having construction work done, and need a safe place for your things. Maybe you’ve outgrown your home or garage, and need outdoor storage without having to haul things back and forth to some off-site self-storage warehouse. Whatever your situation, PODS is the perfect solution for short and long-term storage. Choose your expected storage need below to learn how PODS can take the stress out of storage. Store at Your Home or Apartment Store at a PODS Secure Storage Center Why Choose PODS? Secure, sturdy, steel-framed containers protect your stored items Easily access your items with on-site storage Container can be delivered on a date of your choice Secure storage centers located across the country for convenient storage Storage unit is delivered to you – no need to drive to a storage facility After storing, your belongings can be moved across town or across the country Watch How PODS Works Container Sizes to Fit Your Storage Needs PODS has three convenient container sizes to fit as many belongings as you need to store. For large storage needs, mix and match container sizes to fit your space. Learn more about PODS container sizes What PODS Customers are Saying ★★★★★ We needed to store our home goods in between moves and I have to say that there was nothing negative about our experience. From the ease of online quoting, ordering and scheduling to the timeliness of each pick-up and delivery. When ever we talked to a driver or rep they were courteous and professional. They placed the containers as I had wished with minimal impact on my lawn. Even when they couldn't meet the day of final pick up and had to push it out a day, they ended up calling back as they had a cancellation and still fit me in first thing in the morning. -Chris U ★★★★★ Had a lot of furniture and stuff to move around to replace our carpet with laminate. The PODS storage unit was perfect for this. Online rental was a snap. Delivery was no issue. Made it easy since storage was in driveway and not across town. Pickup was scheduled online, again no issues. Would definitely use again. -Melody Mstorage container rental 1Select Container Size & Quantity, Then Fill Out the Form Select your size and answer the questions relating to delivery. We need to know things like door direction, site contact, and that you have enough space for the truck to safely deliver the container. Check the list of cities below to make sure we service your area. PLEASE NOTE: We don’t move containers once they’re loaded (if that’s what you need, you might try PODS or similar companies). Rental Container is Delivered in 3-5 Business Days Your container will be delivered in 3-5 business days. We’ll notify you within one business day when to expect your container, and the driver will call your site contact when they are headed your way with the container. When you’re ready for pick-up, make sure the container is empty and unobstructed and then terminate your rental by logging into your account on our website. Your Card is Billed Monthly Until You Request Pick-up Your credit or debit card is billed monthly for the rental amount. You can manage your account online and do things like terminate your rental (we’ll pick it up within 5 business day) and change your payment method. That’s it. There’s no hidden charges or long-term contracts. Just fill out the form and keep the container as long as you need it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact container rental 2This rental guide serves to help you get informed about renting or leasing mobile shipping and storage containers, the factors of storage rental prices, and more. Renting or leasing is a great cost effective way of gaining access to a portable storage container without spending thousands of dollars up front. If you are not sure how your neighbors or municipalities are going to react to your storage container, we would strongly recommend considering storage containers for rent, rather then purchasing a container. The cost of renting a container to be used for a short period of time is much more economical than purchasing your storage or shipping container. The Container Alliance partner will also take care of delivering and picking up your unit so you do not need to worry about finding a new home for your container if it turns out that it cannot container rental 3Rental Protection Plan The Rental Protection Plan is not insurance. The Rental Protection Plan is optional and only available to direct commercial customers. When you purchase the Rental Protection Plan product, you will not be held responsible for the full replacement value of damaged or stolen equipment. If something does go wrong, you will be responsible for 10% of the damage costs or $500.00, whichever is less*. Upon accepting the Rental Protection Plan, the customer agrees to pay a percentage based on the rented equipment, and in return United Rentals agrees to waive certain claims for accidental damage to or theft of the aforementioned equipment occurring during normal and careful use. The customer remains liable for all other damages as set forth in the conditions found in Addendum 1 to the Rental Agreement. *Customer agrees that it will use its best efforts to protect the equipment from loss, theft or damage at all times during the rental period, and until the equipment is retrieved and in the Company’s possession. ×storage container rental 4Rental Container is Delivered in 3-5 Business Days Your container will be delivered in 3-5 business days. We’ll notify you within one business day when to expect your container, and the driver will call your site contact when they are headed your way with the container. When you’re ready for pick-up, make sure the container is empty and unobstructed and then terminate your rental by logging into your account on our container rental 5It is very important to confirm that it is possible for a Container Alliance partner to deliver a container to your location. Typically your supplier will deliver the container using a”tilt bed” roll-off style truck or trailer. The smaller trucks that typically deliver 10ft and 20ft units resemble medium sized flat-bed tow trucks. These trucks have fixed axles and vary in terms of maneuverability but as a general rule of thumb these trucks typically require 60 ft. in a straight line to back, or pull into the area you need the container. After the truck pulls into the location of desire, the driver will then lift the front end of the bed and pull straight forward until the container slides off the truck and onto the ground. The NPSA (National Portable Storage Association) has produced a great video that displays the unloading of a 20ft portable storage container on a jobsite. Click here to watch the container rental 6Should I purchase or rent my container?When it’s all said and done it comes down to simple math. All you need is the right information to evaluate the choice: How much does the container cost to purchase? (everything…tax, delivery, upgrades) How long will I need to keep the container? (be honest with yourself then add a couple of months!) How much will it cost me to rent? (make sure you know all the upfront and recurring costs) and your billing cycle. Do your homework upfront and evaluate your storage needs before deciding. Once a week there is a call from a customer who would like to apply their rental payments toward the purchase price of the container. There are many reasons why Container companies do not allow this, but primarily, there are front-end costs, which are absorbed by us and are recovered over time. To avoid this always-disappointing conversation, just do your best up front to make the right decision. Our sales reps are always happy to help you with this evaluation container rental 7Renting a storage container can be a complicated process. Railbox Consulting wants to make it simple. We don’t have salespeople on staff, and we don’t believe you can talk anyone into a 9,000-pound steel box if they don’t need one. You have more important things to do than go through a tedious quoting process with a sales rep. If you need a steel storage container rental, we provide up front and fair pricing with no hidden fees. Better yet, our container rental prices are the same nationwide (something our competitors cannot say). We just try to make it easy to rent portable storage containers, and don’t try to squeeze our profits out of hidden fees. We also only have 12 billing cycles per year (companies like Mobile Mini sneak in an extra month with 28-day billing cycles, an 8.3% annual cost variance), we believe in transparency up front. We know some customers will still have questions about the process, and we’re always happy to help. Feel free to contact us by chat or by phone.

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