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Retro Kitchen We've made shopping for your kitchen easy by grouping the best of our kitchen and tableware items in one place. Here you'll find classic diner dispensers, wall clocks, glass and tin canisters, and vintage inspired tin signs and removable wall decals. We also have wall phones, made to look like 50s pay phones, as well as flour sack dishtowels and cutting boards that are perfect for protecting the countertop. The well-dressed vintage kitchen begins with a cool 1950s style wall clock. It sets the mood for the room, and serves as a great accent color. Our diner style dispensers and coffee mugs capture a vintage feel and they're plenty durable. For everyday dinner service, we offer melamine sets in truly retro styles and patterns. Add vintage style glassware, and your dining table is complete. Dressing kitchen walls is a snap with tin signs with food themes and old-time advertising. Wall decals add color and flair, and they're easy to remove when the mood strikes. Table linens help create a charming everyday or holiday look. Try a pairing a vintage design tablecloth with matching napkins, all in machine washable cotton. These are just some of the ways you can have fun while personalizing your kitchen with retro accents!vintage kitchen curtains 1Tab-Top Cafe Curtains from Vintage Towels Hung on tension rods so they just skim the windowsill, these cafe curtains filter light, provide privacy, and add vintage charm to the kitchen.To make curtains like these, cut and stitch tea towels or vintage embroidered towels to make panels wide enough for each window. Fold bias tape over the top and bottom edges and stitch it in place. Use the same bias tape to make the loops.vintage kitchen curtains 2Pam — Your recent email newsletter reminded me to ask you for advice about kitchen curtains!  I have a large mcm kitchen with that (apparently) same gray tile others have in their bathrooms — I have it around my kitchen sink, along with little strips of red tile, and original white porcelain sinks.  (That’s why my “new” 1946 stove came with red knobs and handles).  I used the gray in the tile to help me decide on the wall and trim colors.  The wall is almost white, but has a tint of the gray in it.  The trim around the windows coordinates closely with the grey tile color.  Now….I thought I’d be able to find simple tier curtains or “French window” type curtains in a retro style, since I am pretty good at shopping on the web.  But no… I looked at one of the ebay seller’s stashes of barkcloth, but that fabric is mostly huge prints, and it’s just not very kitchenish.  Can you suggest any links for retro kitchen curtains?  Or fabric??  I will make my own, dang it!  Stephanievintage kitchen curtains 3Don’t forget: You can always shop vintage — for fabric, ready made curtains and for hardware. I went onto ebay and found a decent selection, although not tons. Etsy sellers carry vintage soft goods like draperies and fabric. I usually see a fair amount of vintage drapery at estate sales (go for the linen closet and attic), at Goodwill, Salvation Army and vintage shops. And I’ve been known to buy window treatments right off the windows. I bought the expansive pinch pleats now hanging in my living room that way. $20, Canadian. I got up on the ladder and took ’em down. If you are so inclined, you can wait it out and the retro decorating gods might send you something special.vintage kitchen curtains 4Hung on tension rods so they just skim the windowsill, these cafe curtains filter light, provide privacy, and add vintage charm to the kitchen.To make curtains like these, cut and stitch tea towels or vintage embroidered towels to make panels wide enough for each window. Fold bias tape over the top and bottom edges and stitch it in place. Use the same bias tape to make the loops.vintage kitchen curtains 5Hello, My curtain order arrived safely today, and the new curtains are already up in the kitchen. They look great, and I couldn’t be happier! I had shopped around, both online and in person, and these curtains are perfect. I love the color–taupe, and the fact that they’re sheer. You have a very nice selection of colors, styles, and sizes. I was also very pleased with how fast they arrived, and your friendly and courteous service. You have a wonderful business, and I’m going to tell family and friends about it–if they ever need curtains or other linens, shop at your store first! I’m a happy customer! I’ll be doing business with you again soon. :) With my best wishes, JJCvintage kitchen curtains 6Hi Palm Springs Stephan, did I sound pushy on the post? I am sorry. I have edited the post. You are completely right in that well-made, lined pinch pleats cost a bundle, and that it is well worth taking the time to think this investment through to make sure you get what you want. I actually should do more research on the topic of where / how to find resources to have pinch pleats made *affordably.* For example, there used to be a big Waverly outlet about an hour from where I live. About 4 years into living in my house … and yes, it took me this long to make some decisions on the pinch pleats I ultimately purchased … I found fabric there that I liked. They also had a sewing area upstairs and could custom make the drapes for me. They also made me slipcovers and bolster covers for two daybeds. Their costs were amazingly affordable compared to quotes that I had received from shops that specialized in window treatments — and because I was able to buy the fabric at discount prices as well, the curtains added up to lots lots less than “normal prices.” I think there are ways around the huge prices for pinch pleats – but like most renovation projects, it’s a trade of time for money to find those solutions. Alas, the Waverly store went out of business about two years ago. I would love to have custom sheers made – to go under my $20 vintage wall of curtains … but now I am back to square one in terms of finding someone to do this for me. I am pretty sure I can find inexpensive yet good quality material at Osgood’s.vintage kitchen curtains 7This “Red Kitchen Floral” fabric from Warm Bisquit Bedding was my #1 favorite from my hunt, although it *might* be a bit too light for Stephanie’s kitchen… kind of ’20s ’30s flour-sack like. This is not a bad thing, per se, but it might not be forceful enough for the strong reds like we see in Stephanie’s dinette. All the colors in your kitchen ideally must “hold their own.”  That said, I do think the addition of some green and yellow into Stephanie’s red and white kitchen would be great. And I adore this fabric, it’s perfect for a kitchen… there’s a yellow, too.vintage kitchen curtains 8Fitted Kitchen Curtains for Privacy Fabric panels shirred top and bottom onto tension rods cover the bottom half of these windows to provide privacy. A long glass shelf rests on brackets in front of the windows, offering a clever and efficient solution for displaying collectibles and plants.Note that when the double-hung windows need to be opened, the bottom tension rods can be released to lift the curtains out of the way.vintage kitchen curtains 9Easy Kitchen Curtains For a more formal look in the breakfast area, use a length of new or vintage toile to make a curtain. A standard 54-inch width of fabric will cover a 26-inch-wide window. For a wider window, cut and piece lengths to get a width generous enough to gather in loose folds along the drapery rod.Make a rod pocket at the top and hem the sides and bottom. Slide the fabric onto a drapery rod.Pull the curtain to one side and hold it in place with a ribbon tied to a cup hook.vintage kitchen curtains 10I’m so pleased! The curtains arrived as promised today and they’re just as I hoped. I can’t thank you enough for your extra effort. My husband and I were unexpectedly asked to camp overnight and provide security for a big county to-do, but our camper had no curtains! Now it does. I can’t thank you enough. Sincerely, Sharon O’Brienvintage kitchen curtains 11Item # 25381You’ll have such a cheery, welcoming feeling in any room where you use Wide Ruffles! Luscious, full tier curtains. Our tier curtains have the ruffle on the bottom only. Available in Natural or White.vintage kitchen curtains 12You can’t go wrong with these tried and true top curtain sellers! Featuring country curtain collections from Park Designs, Home Collections by Raghu and Victorian Heart, each pattern offers a variety of curtain styles. Typically offered in panels, prairie gathered curtains, swags, tiers, country valances, layered valances, and shower curtains, you can find something for every room in your home.vintage kitchen curtains 13Another great source of textiles for making your own cafe curtains and valances are vintage tablecloths from auction sites. Many of the tablecloths from the forties have spectacular border prints that look great as cafes–border runs down the outer edge of each panel and along the bottom, then use the border from one full edge as the valance. The colors and print themes are period-authentic and you can usually work around small holes or stains. You can pair them up with roller shades, too.

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