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Lamp Shades With a name like “Shades of Light” it should not come as a surprise that we take lamp shades very seriously around here. We know what the right lamp shade can bring to the overall look of your lighting fixture -or to the whole room for that matter. So whether it is a hot trend like modern drum lamp shades with silver lining or classically elegant mini chandelier shades in vintage looks or even the monograming of a lamp shades, you can trust we will be all over it. We offer a complete selection of the best decorator-quality lamp shades as well as all the necessary guidelines needed to assist you in selecting the perfect lampshade for your lamp. How to determine the correct lampshade size. There is perhaps, no quicker, easier way to give a room a facelift then to update the shades on your light fixtures. To that point, we have the latest styles in shades for your table or floor lamp as well as chandelier shades for chandeliers and wall sconces. From rustic lamp shades to modern lamp shades, we have the shade selection necessary to make your lamp uniquely special. Our selections include: paper shades, silk shades, natural fiber shades like seagrass, cork and grasscloth. Our lampshades come in a wide variety of shapes include boxpleat shades, harlequin shades, side pleated lamp shades and many unique designs such as feather shades, hand-painted shades, string shades, ruffle shades, stripe and plaid shades, black bouillotte lamp shades, antique reproduction lampshades, square and bell lamp shades, flare lamp shades, pure silk lamp shades, gold lining shades, French shades, oriental lampshades, metal shades, and stretched softback no-hug shades. Our lamp shade frames come in all sizes and shapes, including square, square cut-corner, cone, cylinder, drum and coolie! We have shades with bulb clips, candle clips, washer or spider fittings, Euro fitting, and Norde fittings. Our lampshade fabric choices include leopard in colors, colored silk, silver and gold foil, black and white paper, Ikat, nautical, seagrass, cork, grasscloth, floral fabrics, stripe fabric, checked, trellis, damask, zebra, bamboo, capiz shell chandelier shades, fine Belgian linen, colored burlap, and vintage parchment lampshades. Our colored lampshades include orange, purple, green, red, pink, and more. We also carry replacement glass lamp shades. Fringe, contrasting trim, colored linings, and ruffles set our shades apart. And don’t let this broad variety of shades confuse you; our customer service department is here to help should you have questions.vintage lamp shades 1Chandelier Shades and Miniature Fabric ShadesHardback Lamp ShadesSoftback Lamp Shades – PremiumSoftback Lamp Shades – EconomyBridge and UNO Floor Lamp Shades Junior Floor Lamp ShadesMica Lamp ShadesDecorate Your Lamp With a New FinialFringed Lamp Shades and Fringe for Lamp ShadesLamp Harps, Bulb Clips, and Other Shade Mounting Hardware For decorative fixtures, candelabras, sconces, and other small projects, miniature fabric shades are the ideal finishing touch. These products are all hand-made, and they include bulb clip attachments, meaning they require no extra hardware. Styles vary from traditional to contemporary, and materials include fabric and mica. Many of these decorative styles mimic the design of larger shades.Our softback vintage lampshades are available in several different sizes, fabrics, colors, and styles. From simple solids to faux leather and fringed styles, there is a softback product to suit any project. Whether your style is contemporary, transitional, or traditional, we have a product that will work. Additionally, these products come in several different shapes, including bells, drums, and rectangles.Mica vintage lamp shades offer a unique look for your restoration project, and they are particularly suited for use in informal spaces. Mica products come in green, amber, natural, and onyx colors, and they are available in several different shapes and sizes. Mica has natural light diffusing properties, making it a good material for use with bright LED bulbs.Other antique lamp shades we offer include floor lamp styles include bridge/UNO styles, and hardback styles. Each of these categories includes high quality products for completing your restoration project. Hardback styles are all handmade and include many different colors and shapes. Bridge/UNO styles are best suited for bridge lamps, which have had a recent resurgence in popularity.vintage lamp shades 2We know it can be overwhelming to pick out the right shade for your lamp, but our lamp shade experts will help you every step along the way. With over 1000 lamp shades in stock, we offer every shape, size, fabric and color. You can even bring in your own fabric to have a shade custom-made to match your drapes, bedspread, living room sofas – anything! Lamp Shades! Watch the video to the right to take a peek into our Hartford showroom and see the wide array of lamp shades we stock. Learn how you can dress up your lamp 1000 different ways. Bring in your lamp into our Hartford showroom today to find the perfect shade and get a FREE safety inspection while it’s here! Learn How to Measure a Lamp Shadevintage lamp shades 3There is no easier way to give any lamp a fresh look then to update the shade. Our fabric lamps shades are specifically designed in the right proportions and fabrics to flatter all types of vintage lamps from the 1920′s to the 1970′s. But, these shades look stunning on any type of lamp – old or new! We offer a complete selection of the best quality lamp shades for your table lamp, floor lamp, chandeliers and wall sconces. click to enlarge Keep your fabric shades fresh with our dry-cleaner pad! An excellent way to quickly and easily clean any fabric lampshade. No chemicals or liquids – won’t harm colors, materials, or hands. Only $5 – Click HERE to add one to your order!vintage lamp shades 4There is no easier way to give any lamp a fresh look then to update the shade. Our fabric lamps shades are specifically designed in the right proportions and fabrics to flatter all types of vintage lamps from the 1920′s to the 1970′s. But, these shades look stunning on any type of lamp – old or new! We offer a complete selection of the best quality lamp shades for your table lamp, floor lamp, chandeliers and wall sconces.vintage lamp shades 5Our selection of antique, vintage, and traditional style lamp shades brings together the perfect product to complete your restoration project. They are the focal point of any lamp, so picking the right one is essential to finishing a beautiful project. We offer silk and mica antique lamp shades in addition to other vintage lamp shades and components for attachment.vintage lamp shades 6The century’s first lamp shades were generally made for devices that burned kerosene. These simple, cylindrical glass shades were rounded near the lamp base to allow proper oxygen flow to the flame, while also protecting it from drafts. The ability of these lamps to stay lit even in strong winds gave them the nickname “hurricane lamps.” These lamp shades were usually made of clear glass with minimal embellishments such as an etched pattern or border.vintage lamp shades 7Pioneered in England, slag-glass lamp shades also became popular around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. This style incorporated streaked, opaque glass initially produced by incorporating slag from iron-smelting foundries. The look became common for paneled lamp shades with complicated metal filigree framing each slag-glass segment. Noted slag-glass lamp manufacturers include Bradley Hubbard, Wilkinson, Handel, and Miller.vintage lamp shades 8Antique & Vintage Lighting Here, at Shades of Light, we selectively acquire antique lighting at auctions, then our in-house experts rewire them with UL certification. Whether you are looking for a special heirloom treasure or that unique vintage one-of-a-kind lighting fixture, we will have it here. At Shades of Light, we carry antique chandeliers, wall sconces, repurposed table lamps, and vintage floor lamps. These antique lighting fixtures have detailed craftsmanship, rich finishes, and solid materials. We also sell modern & contemporary chandeliers & table lamps at our store and online. Read more about how we find our products through bargain hunting & flea markets.vintage lamp shades 9Lamp-shade design did not begin in the late 19th century, but that’s when it was elevated beyond mere functionality. Household electricity was becoming increasingly common, so lamp manufacturers started paying attention to the art of lighting indoor spaces. Shades gave lamp makers an opportunity to shine a light on their sense of aesthetics, whether it was to create a romantic background glow or an eye-catching centerpiece.vintage lamp shades 10After the end of World War II, the geometric forms of Mid-Century Modernism took lamp shades to a new level, shedding detailed ornamentation in favor of pure shapes. Shades made during the 1950s and ’60s resembled stacked pyramids or huge cylindrical drums, made from materials like textured fiberglass, bamboo, aluminum, or woven raffia. Such novel forms were embraced by American lamp companies like Moss and Majestic, as well as Scandinavian designers like Louis Poulsen and Poul Henningsen.vintage lamp shades 11At the same time, manufacturers like the Handel Company perfected a very different method of reverse-painted lamp shades, whereby an original design was traced onto the interior of a glass shade and finished by hand. Generally featuring scenic landscapes or plant life, shades with reverse-painting were often mounted on unobtrusive bronze, brass, or silver-plated bases. Often conical or dome-shaped, Handel’s pieces featured everything from exotic tropical landscapes to rushing forest streams, applied by its artists to glass shades made by other manufacturers.

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